Do you need to get a gift for your favorite photographer or looking for a treat for yourself? Here are some of my favorite photography products!

Treat yourself!
Fuji XT-3: honestly the best camera ever!  You can read more about my gear but I love the portability, colors, and functionality of the Fuji X-System.  I don’t think you can go wrong!

Samsung SSD:  by far the best portable harddrive on the market!  It is solid state and SO incredibly small and light! 

MacBook Pro:  Finally Apple has come out with a 16 inch pro laptop that can handle any and all needs!  It has the premium graphics card, option to upgrade the ram, and a new and improved keyboard!  Best of all it is barely any larger than their old 15inch laptop!  I am so excited for mine to arrive!

Ice Light 2 and Barn Doors:  sometimes you just cant find enough natural light.  I love having a continuous light source that can fill the shadows and provide a little extra oomph when I need it! and don’t forget to pick up the barn doors to direct your light

Lens Pen:  a great little stocking stuffer!  my favorite way to clean my gear on the go!

Profoto Reflector:  for dark and dreary days this reflector is the best to fill in some beautiful light!  I love the profoto sunsilver color to add a soft glow!

Manfrotto Tripod:  I absolutely adore my Manfrotto Tripod, it is sturdy and can handle all my gear with the heaviest lenses and has an easy to use overhead arm to take flat lay captures

Light Weight Travel Cameras

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100:  This has been my absolute favorite out and about point and shoot that can play with the big boys!  I got my first one five years ago and truly the camera is a pure joy, especially with its zeiss lens.  Also makes a great starter camera.

INSTAX SQ10: Love the idea of polaroid film and printing images on the go?  I absolutely love the fact that the SQ 10 is digital and allows you to review what you’ve captured (add some snazzy filters if you’d like) and allow you to choose what you want to print instead of running through tons of film.  This is my favorite camera to share with the kids.

Camera Bag:

Fawn Design:  I swear by my fawn design original and fawny pack, they are non descript and don’t scream camera bag but can hold my gear on the go

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