I am often asked how we manage to travel with our children, and I’m a firm believer that if you have the right gear you can do just about anything!  Now finding the right gear can be a struggle and for me, at least, it can be overwhelming and intimidating.  However, since our families live out of state, and with my ever growing case of wanderlust and inability to sit still, finding ways to travel has always been high on my priority list.

Since our youngest has been born we have taken both girls on numerous international and domestic trips and the item I can’t live without is our UPPAbaby MINU stroller. We have been able to use it for our little, as an infant, to having our eldest at five easily ride in it as well. I honestly don’t think we would be able to manage the trips we have made without it.  It has gotten us through airports, train stations, in and out taxis (without them throwing a fit on how long it takes to fold up/room it takes), our cars, the grocery store, cobblestone streets, the beach, grassy fields, the mall, snow, and ice, and plenty more, it may have also doubled as a luggage carrier in a pinch too :p

The MINU is the unicorn of all strollers, and I can say that, since we have had our fair share of strollers over the last few years between both girls, and they have broken or somehow fell flat and didn’t meet our needs.  I was on the quest for a stroller that had an amazing UV sunshade (that worked and wasn’t itty bitty and just there to check the box), was small, light, and nimble, could handle all terrain from cobblestones, dirt, pavement, and whatever we could throw at it, while having features like a reclining chair for on the go naps and the safety and stability that I trust from UPPAbaby.  Most important is the easy of maneuvering the MINU- I tried so many travel strollers that only went in straight lines or felt cumbersome and required two hands to keep things going.  The MINU is so easy to use that it glides as if it was skating on butter and requires one hand holding it (I’m sure I could even push it if I wanted to with a few fingers… don’t try that at home :p).

What is great is that the MINU has replaced my needs for multiple strollers (my husband was thrilled, yay for more garage and trunk space!)  It works as my everyday stroller- which is awesome since it doesn’t take up my entire trunk space and opens and closes with just one hand but also works as my travel stroller, working anywhere without me having to compromise on functionality for convenience.  I take it for all our adventures in town, like trips to the zoo, aquarium, an ice cream visit, you name it and if need be can quickly throw it in our travel bag! 

When traveling, it folds down to such a small size that restaurants love us for not taking up a ton of space, we have been able to place it in the overhead compartment of the airplane much to the shock of many flight attendants, and if for some reason we aren’t using it, there is a travel backpack you can buy to store and keep it safe (and it doesn’t take 3 people and 9 arms to manipulate it, I can literally put the stroller in one handed).  

It’s hard to find good products, but the MINU stroller is a game changer and allows you to go places, big and small!

Find out more about the UPPAbaby MINU here!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.